Born in Yangzhou, China in 1971, Pei Yang was first introduced to art at high school, which for many of us is our first formal insight into the creative discipline. Pretty much early doors and Yang was bagging various prizes and competitions for his artistic prowess, as well as seeing his fledgling art work exhibited within not just an educational environ, but more widespread; including exposure at galleries, government halls and international film festivals, all of which happened from 1989 onwards.

Yang immigrated to Canada back in 1994, and chose to major in Fine Art at Ottawa School of Art and Animation, which was part of the Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario. In 1996 Yang held his debut solo exhibition, staged in Ottawa, while from 1999 to 2000 Yang was fortunate enough to work in the guise of an assistant with celebrated artist, Philip Craig at his studio.

He’s also worked on films from Columbia Studios and Dreamworks Studios, in both cases helping to engineer the visual look for the film. Yang is also one of the Emmy Award-winning artists from TV Series,‘Sagwa-The Chinese Siamese Cat’ which was first aired in 2002. Today, Pei lives in Montreal and continues his art career around his more commercial commitments.

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