Basic criteria for the purchase of an artwork

1- The artist should be well known.

2- For new collectors, expert advices are preferable.

3- For painters who are still living, there is short-term and long-term investment in connection with the age and the experience of the painter.

4- Always look for the best quality in the work of an artist.

5- When you purchase an artwork, you must like it and you must be aware of its increasing value in the future.

6- Regarding the deceased masters, you must above all look at the quality of the work and not the name of the author.

7- Among the painters still living on the market, some will become the masters of tomorrow just like Fortin, Lemieux, Richard, Dallaire, Cosgrove, Cantin, Walker, Suzor-Côté, Pilot, Brymner, etc.

Think about it and good luck in your purchases.