Pierre-Georges TABOUILLET

Pierre-Georges Tabouillet is a Quebec painter, originally from France; he has lived in Quebec since 1966.

The Light being The Essence of the Form, my only concern is to capture this one in "Wells". The "Geometric-Spatial" construction is not useless, it is used to act, according to the gradations of colors, tones or shades used. The Colors, being Superimposed and Unmixed, create by transparency, other colors, shades, depending on the layers used, we thus obtain an "Optico-Temporal" illusion accentuated by the passage from one form to another, essential principle for that the optic nerve registers with each passage of a form, different data. Despite the presence of strictly straight lines, we have the impression of swirls and light.

The “Fractalist” activity of painting with new technologies is ephemeral, personally, I fix on a support (canvas) “Labyrinthic” visions of a random course of a “Chaotic-Fractal” form which constitutes the preferred dynamic. contemporary research of practices and knowledge.

He is quoted in several national and international dictionaries: BENEZIT, Dictionnaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs; Édition Alpina Le- Prat, 14 vol. Paris, Grund (1999) 13 p.421.

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