Caroline ST-PIERRE

Born in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Since the age of 16, Caroline St-Pierre has been passionate about art, especially painting.

She works with painting as a base for her research by visually representing the ideas of research on history as well as on the inspiration of existant currents. In fact, her research into pictorial art plays on the idea of iconography and symbols on the notion of portraiture. Her pictorial style is a graphic composition concealing merged figurative elements. The subjects refer to artistic trends such as classicism, Baroque art, even Byzantine or abstract.

The reading of her paintings is narrative by the palette of colors or by the arrangement of the elements in their spaces, but with a much more contemporary touch that brings a custom and colorful gesture, where the modulated line mixes in graphic constructions.

Her goal is to make people travel through history and awaken some cognitive thoughts.

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