Jean-Luc Grondin was born in Saint-Gédéon-de-Beauce in 1938. At a very young age, he was passionate about drawing. He is particularly fond of birds and nature. Today, the artist's reputation extends beyond Canada's borders, as shown by Jean-Luc Grondin's collective exhibition in Tokyo and Osaka in 1995-1996. The sense of detail, his creative finesse and sense of aesthetics, as well as his sense of movement are some of Grondin's great qualities.

In 1976, he created his first painting, " Barn Swallow - the Beaked ", which he sells at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, as well as the one depicting a " Blue Jay in flight ". Swallow barns also occupies a special place in Grondin. Since this first painting, Jean-Luc Grondin has won several awards and distinctions.

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