“The perception of reality from which the imaginary originates brings in each of us a very personal conception of life. Since the first traces of Western art, of which the Lascaux caves are a historical proof, art has manifested itself in many ways and for several purposes.

Cezanne was in my opinion one of the pioneers of the modern era to create a work from his inner world, to express the modulation of color in space and the geometry of volumes and shapes.

My vision of painting goes hand in hand with my vision of life. In a way, I recreate the images that life inspires me, tinged with dreams, symbolism, depth and humor. In fact, when I paint I let myself be guided by an unknown dimension that I can hardly reason. I try to popularize the meaning of our existence by simplified messages. The created images sometimes result from a fascination or an unconscious fantasy. Also, instinctively, I sometimes start another painting, because it is not the message that I wanted to deliver. I must therefore take a step back to let the work reveal its soul and then, a voice awakens in me and whispers to me; “Here, this painting is complete"."

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