Born in Amqui, Québec in 1954, Ginette Beaulieu has been a professor of painting since 1979. She has shown an interest in various mediums but prefers to use charcoals and oils. Ginette has studied the old masters techniques extensively, and her work exemplifies high realism through her use of natural pigments, which she creates. Since 1981, she has taken part in many different exhibitions, both collective and solo. The public can admire her works in several galleries. She is represented all across Canada as well as in the United States and France.

Drawing has always been part of Ginette’s life. After completing evening classes in drawing and painting taken at the Cegep of Ste-Foy, as well as classes in sculpture, Ginette broke artistic ground with her depictions of ethereally beautiful people and stunning compositions. In 1980 and 1981, she studied the ancient techniques of the Renaissance Masters. She paints by using tools which she makes from decanted oils and natural pigments. She has also undertaken research on various foundation and under-painting techniques. Her works are eagerly sought after and seriously collected by international art connoisseurs.

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