Lucie VÉZINA, I.A.F.

Born in Champlain in 1959, Lucie Vézina graduated from the Quebec University in Trois-Rivières with a bachelor's degree in visual arts education at the elementary and secondary levels. She has acquired special knowledge in serigraphy, etching and enamel on copper, in addition to her expertise in the use of mixed media applied on acrylic backgrounds.

Lucie Vézina comes from the world of illustration for children. Her feminine faces with their delicate features, their plump bodies, exude a sweet nostalgia, in no way imbued with sadness, where everything is suggested, never imposed.

"The works mark their presence in time and become a mirror that brings us back to our own reflections. Suggesting a new thought on the real and developing the imagination, that's what could translate my artistic approach.”

It will not be surprising to learn that the Laurier Museum has acquired one of her works for his collection.

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