Jef Tremblay is from Charlesbourg, Qc. It is a report on Inuit in northern Quebec that initially aroused the interest of the artist. Enjoying a stay with a friend in Mingan, Jef fell in love with this part of the province.

"It's the rhythm of life and the values of people that inspired me a lot. It called me to deepen my knowledge. I felt a lot of distance even though Quebeckers and Aboriginal people live side by side. There is a kind of cultural division through prejudices. And by the music I make, I felt the need to create a link, "says the painter and musician composer-performer.

Canvases with vibrant colors and songs with original rhythms represent the themes exploited by Jef.

/> "Nature, color, for me, it has a lot of effects on what we are. It's a call for me and I feel that I have a social role to share these creations, "says one who could not dissociate painting and music.

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