Daniel Sarazin was born in Trois-Rivières, Québec, in 1971. He became interested in drawing at a very young age and took up painting at 15. He soon became immensely interested in colours and the numerous possibilities they offer. For him, it was a magical world that he wanted to master at any price.

Everything seemed to interest this self-taught painter. He first dealt in landscapes and showed them in an impressionistic light. Light, in fact, became the key element in his work. His grasp of it gradually improved and he let it permeate everything. Sarazin leaves all doors open, he observes and thus grows as an artist, but he doesn't want to be restricted to any school of thought. He completely avoids any art form that would quickly become lifeless.

”Painting provides me the best of what life has to offer, namely moments of discovery, surprise and reflection. It has become my gateway to a world where I can create anything based on my knowledge of things, my emotions, my beliefs. I can express myself through it, confident that I'm participating in today's world.”

Daniel Sarazin is first and foremost a young artist who is constantly evolving in the search for his art. He is a tireless colour and light technician. He prefers it over the traditional rules of perspective and figuration. Text by Daniel Tanguay

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