"Lise Ruel is doing free figurative, an art where the memory, the sensitivity and the imagination play an important role. Her paintings suggest large spaces and propose atmospheres evoking those privileged moments, imbued with calm and serenity, where one would like to stop time ... " (Gérard Zanettin).

Born in Chambord, Lac Saint-Jean, she made her first essays in painting in 1960, while a student at the École Normale des Ursulines in Roberval. A self-taught painter, she participated in free workshops led by the painter Hughs-John Barrett. Her works suggest without imposing and leave place to imagination for each and everyone; they invite to calm and breathe the sweetness of life.

The paintings of Lise Ruel transport us from the warm autumn colors to the cold winter mornings, from the springtime renaissance to the scents of summer. Through her painting, the artist shares with us her sensitivity and her vision of beautiful Quebec landscapes.

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