Jean-Paul RIOPELLE, R.C.A.

Jean-Paul Riopelle, R.C.A. (1923-2002)

Born in Montreal, Jean-Paul Riopelle is a Canadian painter, engraver and sculptor. He is one of the first Canadian artists to gain international recognition. In the 1940s, he became a member of the artistic movement Automatistes, a group of dissident artists from Quebec, founded by Paul-Émile Borduas, who took Riopelle under his wing after being his teacher at the Montreal School of Furniture. The latter is one of the signatories of the manifesto Refus global, which challenges traditional values and rejects the immobility of Quebec society at the time.

After having success in Paris, he returned to Quebec and perfected the technique of "all-over", a pictorial technique that consists of eliminating any form of perspective in a painting using multi-layer paint chips. He then turns to stencil painting with aerosol bombs and then returns to figuration. He finished his career winning several international awards, making him one of the greatest painters in Canadian history. His most famous work is Tribute to Rosa Luxembourg.

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