A native of Quebec City, Jean Potvin was born in 1947. He has long led a double career before becoming a full time artist in 2002. He started painting in 1972. He became known in particular by its oils, acrylics and his works created in mixed media.

For the artist, the work generally satisfies a basic and essential need: to communicate in the first place. People, places, objects, beliefs or thoughts that fill the artist's daily show a particular time, marked with the seal of art. Jean Potvin works hoping that the public shares one of his precious moments when an emotion has created a work. The artist tries to guide the spectator in his search for "the other side of the picture," he sees. This "other side of the picture" must be something other than a color, a character or a simple object represented. Art must be a whole that tells a story that everyone can appropriate.

Today, Jean Potvin is a major artist and is considered by some as a pioneer in the development of art in Quebec.

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