Born in Roubaix (France) in 1981, I started my apprenticeship in Graphic Arts at the Saint-Luc Institute in Tournai (Belgium) from the age of 12. I come out at age 19 in 2000 with an illustration diploma and the highest distinction of my promotion.

After obtaining my degree in visual arts, I start my activity of artist by proposing my creations in many exhibitions in the North of France and receive my first prizes. I refine my drawing technique for 2 years and throw myself in a whimsical style in acrylic.

In 2005, I go to Canada to try my luck. Touched by my approach, gallery owners opened their doors. I meet many artists who give me the desire to change my work. I discover the oil painting and come back to a more realistic style mixed with the imaginary. Despite some success in Quebec I make the decision to leave everything for Love and move to Germany.

Since 2011, I develop my artistic style in Cologne. I am looking to perfect my technique constantly and write an inner message by expressing, in my creations, my deep feelings about life.

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