Martine Ouellet began to paint at an early age. She is greatly inspired by the old French Canadian Masters such as Suzor Côté, Henry Julien and Ozias Leduc.

Ouellet tries to pass on a bit of her cultural heritage; vast horizons, and simple pleasures. She finds a tremendous source of inspiration in the simple beauty of everyday life. Ouellet is especially captivated by subjects evoking personal experience, feelings, and memories which collectively can generate powerful fiction.

Lighting is one of the most important aspect of her paintings, and she tries as much as possible to work from live models or settings, using natural light to create ambient moods. She favours a naturalist approach in order to capture all the nuances, values and hues and paints in a loose manner to suggest dynamism. « I like mute colours, soft edges and elegance. »

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