Marc Martel was born in Lévis in 1933. In the early 1970s, he began to sculpt while pursuing a teaching career. He has numerous internships in Canada, the United States and Europe. Concrete, bronze and ceramic, the sculptor crossed the milestones that will give full measure to his work. A prolific artist, Marc Martel has participated in 25 exhibitions, including 13 solo exhibitions, in addition to having his work reviewed in 2001. His sculptures are exhibited in several Canadian galleries, and many corporate collections have his work. Alternately a sketcher, painter, engraver and jeweler, Marc Martel is a versatile artist whose talent has been consecrated by sculpture.

His approach is inspired by one and only noble will, that of making "sculpture accessible without being easy, that it speaks to people, awakens their senses and makes them progress.

In recent years, the patinated bronze birds have inspired the sculptor's inventive spirit. The pieces, which rarely exceed 30 centimeters, inspire joy and cheerfulness while offering a scholarly model that honors the sculptor's mastery. Also, each bird is adorned with a qualifier as a name, which enhances the sculpture by making it very lively, almost animated. Thus, you will enjoy meeting the "satisfied", the "conqueror", the "fascinating", the "supervisor" or the "see-it-all"; very expressive winged characters, who are constantly taking off the smile of the observers.

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