For nearly forty years Lyse Marsan has explored the world of arts in various ways. Singing, theater, writing and visual arts through different materials. However, painting remains her favorite medium of expression. What interests the artist is the poetry that emerges from the creative gesture and each period is a wonderful encounter. She chooses elements and then attempts a cohabitation. An observation, a reflection and a philosophical thought trigger a subject to explore.

The chromatic approach is manufactured from pure pigments in order to obtain the maximum of intensity. She surrounds herself with fetish photos, figures, symbols.

Her career includes several solo exhibitions both in Quebec and Europe and several group exhibitions in Quebec and Europe as well. She won many prizes, including the Francophonie prize at Châtellerault in France in 1997. She exhibited with the National Society of Fine Arts twice at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris; and the Gold Medal of Merit and French dedication in 1999 is awarded and in the year 2000, she won the Grand Jury's Honorable Mention. The Federation of French Culture gave her the Vermeil Medal for her performance at the Grand Palais during the Art en Capitale exhibition with the group of SNBA in 2008. In 2009, she received the title of Master Academician at the Academy International Beaux-Arts of Quebec. France in 2015, she received the title of "Artist of the European Community" for all her achievements and her talent.

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