The contemplation of nature with its dazzling presence and the secret language of its poetry brings my soul as a painter to daily discoveries about the greatness of the universe and its mysterious project that amazed each one of us.

My painting is perhaps distinguished by my concern to be part of the continuity of art history without feeling a need for break-up or revolution and to privilege a universal perspective that focuses on the places and the brightest moments of the evolution of consciousness.

So for me classissism and current painting are in no contradiction and I like to deepen in our fabulous artistic heritage. Thus, after having been a pop art artist in my youth, I immersed myself for three years in Florence in the in-depth study of ancient techniques.

Since then, I have not stopped to explore all the richness that our modern world offers us by prohibiting me from being excluded. I like to perceive myself as a contemporary painter, romantic, classical and not belonging to any particular trend. There lies for me the freedom of the art of today.

Meeting with Pierre Lussier - Production TVC de La Matapédia.

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