Born in Lévis (Quebec) in 1946, Clément Lemieux has for over a decade been sculpting works of art whose originality keeps aficionados amazed. His evolution as an artist reads almost like the plot of a surrealistic novel. His past as a car rebuilder, cabinetmaker and ... judoka was not the usual career path of a future artist. Lemieux, however, set his sights on wood as the material he loved to work with, and nothing could be more traditional than this medium in the field of sculpture. And Clément Lemieux works wood as nobody else does. A quick glance at his creations is ali it takes to be convinced.

Another distinct feature is the artist's use of colour. His ochres, blues, greens and oranges form a palette more like that of a painter than a sculptor. Not to mention the finish, which gives the material an appearance of moulded glassware. For some years now, painting has emerged in his life. Essentially intuitive act of creation, each painting spreads to the viewer by the union of pure tonalities in which the artist creates depth and density of light. We are invited to live the experience of color through these iridescent spaces. Just for the pleasure, that of the discovery and the benefits of his painting, both on the retina and inside.

”Clement Lemieux is a big worker. His production is important and was treated with praise for the prestigious and respected publication Art Sales Index (2005 edition), following major sales by major Canadian auction houses where he was full climb. - text by Robert Bernier from Parcours magazine, issue 65”

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