Jean-Claude LÉGARÉ

Jean-Claude Légaré followed an intensive one-week training course on the Italian fresco technique under the direction of painter Corse Gustave Mario Sépulcre, in December 2004.

"My approach is above all of the humanist school. Since my first pictorial ambitions my taste has naturally turned to universal subjects. My themes revolve around the human, the great nature and the interaction between these poles. My influences are rather eclectic, having very significantly touched the theater and the music.

The technique I practice on panel is the result of a long tradition practiced since ancient Greece and developed in the Middle Ages, to the Italian Renaissance and by the Northern School (Flemish) and then forgotten for several centuries ...

The pictorial and technical quality of this process has for twenty-five years inspired me with a passion for research in these areas. This technique uses in-depth knowledge of the panel, its coatings, pigments, oils, resins and so on.

Through valuable collaborations with colleagues and the literature on these topics brought me to a tangible result of quality of matter and brightness to this process. "

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