Paul Tex LECOR

Paul Tex Lecor (1933-2017)

Paul "Tex" Lecor lived a childhood full of images where, in the workshop of his father, a painter from Brittany, he acquired the passion of the arts and the love of the sea.

In 1986, he founded the Institute Figurative Arts. Today, Paul Tex Lecor is a complete artist. Virtuoso of color, skilled draftsman and fine observer, his bold palette, incomparable and unclassifiable style, his verve and his humor make him one of the most famous and recognized figurative painters in Canada.

His works are now alongside those of the greatest in renowned galleries. Over the years, he has also participated in many prestigious group exhibitions and symposiums. His paintings are part of many corporate and private collections in several countries. His works have often been published in articles and books.

In March 2010, Mr. Yvon Vallières, President of the National Assembly awarded Paul "Tex" Lecor the Order of the Pléiade. Created in 1976, this order of the Francophonie honors people who have distinguished themselves in various fields.

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