Charles HUOT

Charles Huot (1855-1930) was born in Quebec City

He studied at the College of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière from 1866 to 1870, then at the École normale Laval School in Quebec City from 1870 to 1874. Very attracted to painting, he probably took some lessons from Cornelius Krieghoff between 1870 and 1872.

Huot participated six times in the Salon of Paris, between 1876 and 1885. During this period, he created The Good Samaritan (1877) as well as the reproduction of the work Les Muses at the Paris Opera.

In 1887, he received the contract which will launch his career. He made 13 paintings (1887-1893) for the church of Saint-Sauveur. In 1890, during the Agricultural Merit Festival, he also created an Apotheosis of the Plow and the Photogravure Reproduction of a Drawing of the Quebec Carnival of 1894.

Becoming a recognized painter, he receives from the Government of Quebec, in 1910, in 1913 and in 1927, the mandate to execute two paintings for the Legislative Assembly Room and one for the Legislative Council Chamber.

On four occasions, between 1900 and 1908, he attended the Royal Academy of Arts Show.

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