Joseph GIUNTA, R.C.A.

Joseph Giunta, R.C.A. (1911-2001)

"Born in Montreal in 1911, Joseph Giunta was of Sicilian origin. As a painter, he knows great success but also setbacks. His painting falls over time through different periods, the first of which is expressed around the landscape, especially urban. Though still figurative, his approach promotes a work of triturated matter, his palette also became more personal.

In the late 1950s, he plunges into the non-figuration, where his gesture sets the pace, but not without having kept a keen interest in the structure of the picture. In the mid-1970s, he integrated the collage and loved working with the relief. His last period was one of the most interesting and most accomplished, as if all that matters for him his the pleasure to assemble and to create. Boldness become more prevalent. He integrates objects, his works become something else. Neither really paintings or sculptures really, or collages, they become contructions ... They are simply Giunta." - Text by Robert Bernier.

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