Emmanuel GARANT

EMMANUEL GARANT is born in Lévis in 1953.
He received from an early age, an exceptional education in painting and drawing. Jean-Paul Lemieux, a famous Quebec painter and friend of the family, compared his portraits to those of Rembrant. Recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship awarded in Montreal in 1979, in a competition to encourage promising young artists in Visual Arts, Emmanuel began his career as a professional artist by exhibiting his Inks and Drawings; all his production found takers the same day. His painting reflects something intimate and we find through his subjects, the true values of the human being.

"I am fascinated by the faces and the expressions I try to seize the soul and the personality of my model, their sensitivity, their intelligence. I try to reach the ultimate, the heart, grace, intimacy and beauty. This is my quest! ... as Jacques Brel says. I want to spend all my life there”.

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