RÉAL FOURNIER is born in Victoriaville, Qc in 1952.
His artwork stands out with his 3D style that takes us to a new dimension. The origin of his sketches begins with a question: "who am I today?" Then, with his eyes closed, he lets his pencil waltz on a sheet of paper and then observes; from his intertwined lines, he sketches and discovers his drawing. There is really a "joie de vivre" in the work of Réal Fournier. He explores through his work of multiple dimensions.

"I now understand why I am painting like that," he says, "it is like I'm living the life of my childhood again. From all the imagery I am creating, I'm just seeing myself as a happy child. Inside, I get closer to what my dreams say, that I will feel a profound joy to paint who I am."

In 2009, Réal Fournier was part of a group exhibition of Canadian artists in Romania and Czechoslovakia. In 2015, he has a solo exhibition in Beijing at the Today Art Museum: 50 large formats were presented. These works were later exhibited at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, and a third exhibition was held in Shanghai. Réal Fournier's works can be found in numerous collections throughout North America and several countries in Europe and Asia.
2015: Solo in Beijing, China. | 2012: Article in the MacLean's Magazine. | 2008: Article in Parcours magazine. | 2002: Article in Magazin'Art magazine.

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