Solange Falardeau, B.V.A, C.S.P.W.C.

Born in St-Rédempteur, a small suburb of Quebec City, Solange Falardeau holds a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from Laval University. A member of the Canadian Society of Watercolorists since 1998, she teaches visual arts focusing on the importance of spontaneity, taste and originality. Her works have been in galleries in Canada since 1996.

"I consider beauty to be an exclusive effect of the manipulation of the artist's language. My painting is expressed by the palette of colors, forms and space, which produce an image on the border between the figurative and the abstract.

I invite people to let themselves seduce by this gesture of colored spots. I hope they will discover signs that create depths and that the work can transport them to poetic and imaginary places. This path is the culmination of a constant research entirely dedicated to the improvement of the diluted acrylic technique, and of opacity with different supports. It is about the soul and the body, the matter and the spirit”.

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