JEAN-GUY DESROSIERS was born in Sorel, Québec, in 1934.
JG. Desrosiers has been evolving as a painter for more than 50 years. The work of this self-taught artist encourages us to appreciate more deeply the meaning of the words “shape, composition, tone and colour “.

Using oils, JG. Desrosiers transports the observer to a place where the solid, the unusual and even the bizarre meet. Thus, in his works, emotion, action, analysis and experience blend. His enthusiasm and singular approach to composition allow him to explore not only the landscape but also the portrait, still life and abstract genres.

The shapes and colours reveal in JG. Desrosiers a vast “ imaginary ” where the pictorial reality is built through subtle and generous emotions rooted in a present, conscious of the beautiful. The paintings created by JG. Desrosiers are synonymous with harmony, straightforwardness, spontaneity and freshness. The works of this fantastic artist have been exhibited throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

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