Armand CÔTÉ

Armand Côté presents stylized figurative works. The people represented (especially the musicians, the dancers and the gymnasts), inspire him with their graceful gestures and their funambulous bodies. Animals and still lifes are also part of his favorite subjects.

Often the subject of the painting is reminiscent of a sculpture. A theatrical scene or environment takes shape around it. The eye is guided to explore different avenues. The artist thus expresses feelings that inhabit people and characterize their world all in poetry.

Beyond the subjects represented, the artist evokes action, gesture and movement in his way of positioning the bodies and the composition in space, to trace his drawing, and to arrange the different elements of his plastic research.

Armand Côté masters graphic design, coloring and working on multiple layers. Through his unique use of mixed media, gestures and various materials, he brings a sense of dynamism and softness to his work. Thus, from each painting emanates a very personal way of expression.

Armand Côté interprets his world in order to touch people. Through a meaningful and lively work, it stimulates our imagination and frames a new look on our world.

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