The magical world of childhood — "I draw with my brushes as others illustrate with words. Poem to the exuberance of our children's lives, it is a tribute to our games and our emotions of yesteryear".

Originally from the Abitibi (north west of Quebec) where she was born in 1946, she has lived in Quebec City for more than 50 years. She attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Quebec. Although she has always draw throughout her life, she also took various art classes at the CEGEP and University. She even graduated in jewelery.

Her particular style sets her apart from other painters. Despite her particular training, Lisette Breton Forbes chose to paint in a naïve contemporary-urban style because it is the only one in her opinion that allows personal emotions to express themselves. Pay attention to all the details of her paintings, you will find many details of time; clothing, accessories, furnishings and others. Many of her paintings could be subdivided into several sub-paintings so they are rich in period details (life in the city during the 60s).

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