Yvette Boulanger 1932-2015.

Her studies, with the artists François Déziel and Harold Boyes, allowed her to develop a technique where the refined drawing and the rich and harmonious colors emerge from her brush. Her inspiration often comes from a tormented landscape at the end of the day while the light fights the dark, but she also likes the sunny scenes discovered during her walks, as well as the still lifes with bright flowers that embellish our daily lives. Always on the lookout, she was able to capture the quick moments of happiness she loved to share. Since 2016, she is part of the collection of the Marius Barbeau Museum in Beauce.

Book by Yvette Boulanger: ”Le paysage dans tous ses états” Authors: Yvette Boulanger and Hélène Massé, 2013.

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