Patricia Bellerose was born in Joliette in 1980. Self-taught painter graduated in graphic design from Ahuntsic College, she has been painting since 2006.

She acquired her painting skills through practice and reading. Painting on the motif was essential in her learning. It allows to deepen the research of the colors, the simplification of the composition and the speed of execution. Her influences are among Russian, American and Canadian impressionist masters such as the Group of Seven and Francesco Iacurto.

Her way of thinking about painting is not limited to subjects and color palette, because her signature lies above all in the application of paint. She works in oil on linen canvas, exploring several subjects that are dear to her at the same time. Its palette is universal and it uses several tools, brushes, spatulas etc.; each part of the painting should be eye-catching. She seeks to convey an impression of realism while in motion, by working with light and textures ... oil is an infinitely fascinating medium and she takes great pleasure in exploring it every day.

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