Paul Vanier BEAULIEU

Paul Vanier Beaulieu (1910-1996)

He was the eldest of a family of eight children. He started painting at a young age thanks to his father, whose privileged position as a lawyer allowed him to collect works of art.

In 1927 he enrolled at the École des beaux-arts. Montreal, where he met Jean-Paul Lemieux and Stanley Cosgrove. In 1938 he joined his brother in Paris and rented a studio in Montparnasse, rue Campagne-Première, a few steps from the famous cafes frequented by Picasso, Zadkine, Calvé, Giacometti and hundreds of other artists, including Canadians like Pellan and Dallaire. This is a period that will have a decisive influence on his artistic direction.

Beaulieu is a true artistic explorer who, during his long career, experimented with several styles and mediums. He explores a theme, a technique, an approach and then moves on to another. Everything goes from symbolism to figurative, from oil to watercolor, from abstract to still life. He even dwells seriously on printmaking in the 40s. The artist seems to want to constantly surpass himself. Although these constant course changes may have confounded collectors and art lovers, his journey is no less interesting.

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